The Arsenal Allianz

When Kenyatta was growing up in Germany his dad was in a BMW car club called the BMW Allianz. When Kenyatta was looking for a name for the group of incredible instructors he was bringing together under the Arsenal banner, the Arsenal Allianz was born.
Kenyatta Banks
Kenyatta Banks Bio Pic
Kenyatta Banks, CEO/creator of the Arsenal by Kenyatta workout series. Born in WA, raised in Berlin, Germany and made in Miami (Dade County) Kenyatta is a fitness tycoon, (some would say guru) who's passion and purpose extends far longer than his three middle names.

Kenyatta has taken the Arsenal HIIT on tour, throughout all the mountainside fitness gyms in AZ, a military event in Columbus, GA, sweated with the kids at Texas Southern University, lead an all women's workout in Katy, TX and had 80+ people show up on a epic tour date in Honolulu, Hawaii. He also has gone international, co hosting a fitness retreat in Ithaca, Greece.

"Be the light in someone else's darkness: we must continue to create a movement, a legacy of believers & achievers, of people who will LIVE more than they have ever imagined…" - Kenyatta Banks -

IG: arsenalbykenyatta
Autumn Sollenberger
Autumn Bio Pic
Autumn started her journey into fitness 14 years ago after weighing in at 225lbs. Feeling defeated and hopeless, she made the internal decision to make a change for herself and family. It all started with walking 1 mile per day and doing a Beach Body 20min video. Since that day, 5 marathons, 4 1/2 marathons, 3 triathlons, 3 Tough Mudders, 2 Spartans,2 figure competitions, Xterra trail series and Summit Challenges have pushed her beyond any limits she had set for herself. Her passion had been let loose and she created a profession from that passion.

She has now been in the fitness industry for 10 years ranging from personal trainer, ALPHA instructor, tri and athlete coach to fitness instructor. She is driven by her love for what she does and how it positively changes people. You won't see her sitting still, she enjoys living life to its fullest and encouraging others to push themselves to be better, perform better and feel better.

"Change comes from the challenge, not the complacency." Autumn Sollenberger

IG: morethanblonde
Anthony Griffin
Anthony Griffin Bio Pic
Growing up Coach Griff has always been active, one to never be indoors! As a child he was an all-around athlete playing any sport he could but mainly football, basketball and track. Excelling at football, Griff was able to earn a scholarship to Eastern Washington University where he earned All-American honors in both football and academics. Following his college career, you could find him playing professionally for 6 years in the Arena Football League.

With an extensive background in athletics collegiately and professionally, Coach Griff took his passion for health and fitness to the training field. The past 15 years he has hosted events around the country for Nike, Lululemon, Frito-Lay & Pepsi Co and some of his favorites have been for the Boys & Girls Clubs and the families at JBLM Military Base in WA where he is from. He has spent the past 4 years working for Orangetheory, eclipsing nearly 6000 classes coached! Best believe come “gametime” his workouts will be high energy and leave you wanting more.

IG: mrgriffin23
Irene Pakravan
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Irene Pakravan has always been into fitness. When she walked out of her first yoga class in 2001, she knew there was something special, something different about this type of "exercise" class. Later realizing Yoga is not a work out, Its truly a deep work inward, the physical benefits are merely a side affect.

19 years later, her passion for Yoga continues to grow. Her knowledge and understanding of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology, drives her to teach safe alignment along with mindfully soulful sequencing. Through breath and movement comes stillness, patience, self-love, contentment, mindfulness, awareness, healing and compassion. Irene's humble intention is to create a safe space for students to open their heart and seek their truth.

Irene loves the balance of teaching styles from Yin and Yoga Basics, to Powerful Vinyasa Flow. Come and share your beautiful lights in her class, Namaste!

IG: irenepakyoga
Serina Alashi
Serina Bio Pic
Hi guys, my name is Serina Alashi! My passion is sharing the gift of fitness with all of you. I believe that fitness goes beyond the physical transformations we achieve. If implemented correctly, the positive effects on the mind, soul, and physique are truly limitless! Throughout my journey, I have tried numerous methods in the pursuit of various fitness goals.

In the end, I built a lifestyle that allows me to achieve mental, physical, spiritual health and fulfillment. A combination of dedication and balance allowed me to leave behind the extreme and unenjoyable “diets” and workout programs. I replaced these with a lifestyle of sustainable nutrition and consistent workouts that I enjoy! My program emphasizes compassionate discipline and allows my clients to discover a balance of nutrition and workout intensity that fits their lifestyle. This approach will allow you to still eat the foods you enjoy, have free time to spend on things other than fitness, and achieve sustainable results. Please reach out if you have any questions or are ready to start your journey today!

IG: mindbodygainz_fitness